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who are seventh-day adventists?

Have you recently met an Adventist? Maybe you saw an ad for an event at a local Adventist church, or drove by one of the denomination’s schools or hospitals. You may have just heard the word “Adventist” somewhere and are curious about our denomination. 

Well, here are a few statistics that might interest you.

Seventh-day Adventists are a global family of Protestant Christians. In fact, out of 235 countries and areas of the world (as recognized by the United Nations), we are activly establised in 212 of these with over 92,000 churches and a world wide membership of 21,760,000 and growing.

Christian Education is a high priority for us and we run 6,600 plus Primary Schools, 2,700 plus Secondary Schools, and 117 Colleges and Universities around the world.

Healthful, abundant living and healing is another important aspect of our mission to promote whole person wellness as Jesus did. We operate 1,048 Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Retirement Centers, Clinics and Dispensaries, Orphanages and Children's Homes globally.

Seventh-day Adventists are committed to making a positive difference in our communities through Adventist Community Services. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) provides humanitarian and development aid in over 118 countries and areas of the world with 1,180 projects funded and nearly 14,000,000 beneficiaries of these projects. 

To spread the good news and hope that comes from knowing Christ, we publish books, magazines, and literature in 311 languages. We also produce radio programs that can be heard in 306 languages throughout the world. In addition, our denomination has a worldwide satelite television network, Hope Channel, which can be viewed on DirecTV channel 368 or at www.hopetv.org.

Ok, so that's some interestig facts about Seventh-day Adventists in a nutshell, but what do Adventist believe? To learn more, jump on over to our What We Believe page.

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